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1002 52mm Block Board (Safety Door) Jaali with Veneer on Both Sides2003 12mm MDF Tree Jaali3004 12mm MDF Duco Painted Tree Jaali4005 3mm (304 Grade) Stainless Steel Safety Jaali5006 12mm Corian Deep Engraved T.V67008 8mm Ply + Laminate on Both Sides009 Backlit 8mm Ply + Laminate on Both Sides9010 6mm MDF with Laminate on 1 side10011 18mm MDF Engraved & Cut Partition Jaali11012 12mm MDF Illusion Jaali for Ceiling12013 18mm MDF Illusion Design Jaali in the Ceiling13014 24mm Agro Wood Screen14015 12mm Agro Wood Jaalis used as Partition-crop1516017 25mm 2D & 3D Processed Burma Teak Wood Planks claded on Pillars17018 25mm MDF (Butterfly Design) with 3 Layer Engraving + 30mm MDF (Circle Design) Staircase019 12mm MDF Jaali for Bedback & Ceiling (1)19020 12mm Solid Surface deep Engraved Panel for Backlighting2021022 8mm MDF Duco Painted & Sandwiched Between 2 Glasses22023 10mm Cement Sheet Jaalis on Exterior Facade23024 10mm Cement Sheet Jaalis for Covering Duct Area24025 10mm Cement Sheet Jaalis for a Screen25026 18mm MDF 3D Jaali2627028 12mm Cement Sheet Backlit Facade Jaali28029 Deep Engraved MDF Pillar Panels29030 8mm Black Acrylic on Both Sides of Glass30031 6mm Grooving on Sliding Door with Laminate31032 10mm Backlit Cement Sheet Jaali for Exteriors32033 12mm MDF Jaali in Ceiling33034 40mm Block Board (Safety Door) with Texured Veneer on Both Sides34035 40mm Block Board Safety Door Jaali35036 Veneer Inlay in Solid Surface and Vice-versa36037 Aluminium Composite Panel Jaalis Sanwiched between 2 Glassas for a Partition37038 12mm Agro Wood Side Jaalis38039 18mm Ply + Veneer Jaali39040 24mm MDF Jaali for a Backlit Bed Back40041 12mm Grade-1 MDF Partially Engraved & Cut4142043 12mm Plywood Profiles Illustrating an Abstract Wave in the Ceiling43044 3mm MS (Iron) Jaali44045 3mm MS (Iron) Powder Coated Safety Door Jaali45046 22mm Veneer + Ply Back Rest Jaali on Sofa46047b 18mm MDF Backlit Tree Tile Design47048 18mm MDF Multi Depth Engraved Panel48049 8mm MDF Jaali for Bedback (1)49050 12mm MDF Jaali for T.V Unit50051 45mm Main Door (Block Board + Veneer) Engraved & Outer Safety Door Cut Through51052 38mm Safety Door With Laminate on Both Sides52053 8mm Cement Sheet Jaali for Ceiling5354055 3mm MS (Iron) Safety Jaali5556057 18mm MDF Chamfered & Through Cut Jaali for T.V. Unit & Ceiling5758059 Engraved 6mm Solid Surface Cladded on Wardrobe Doors (1)59060 18mm Solid Surface Champhered Jaali60061 24mm MDF Deep Engraved Panel61062 Veneer Jaali Pasted on Vineer Base on Wardrobe Doors62063 18mm Backlit MDF Jaalis in the Ceiling & 8mm White Acrylic Jaalis as Partitions63064 18mm Plywood + Veneer Jaalis in Reception Area64065 18mm Plywood Mandir Jaali6566067 12mm MDF Jaali in Ceiling068 18mm MDF Chamfered Abstract Design Jaali6869 18mm Transparent Acrylic Engraved Handle69070 12mm MDF Butterfly Engraved & Cut70071 12mm MDF Bed Side Partition71072 12mm MDF Jaali for Bedback Partition72073 12mm MDF Mirror Frame73074 12mm Grade-1 MDF Tree with Exterior Paint74075 12mm Grade-2 MDF Tree with Luster Paint75076 Cement Sheet Jaali in the Center with Hand Painted MDF Leaves around (1)76077 24mm Burma Teak Wood Jaali & Eaves777879080 8mm MDF Jaali for a Jewellery Showroom8081082 Veneer Jaali as Bed Side Panel (1)82083 Double Veneer Jaali for Sliding Door Sandwiched Between Glass (1)83084 32mm Door Jaali84085 1mm Laminate Jaali on Wardrobe Shutters85086 1mm Laminate Jaali86087 8mm White Acrylic Sandwiched between Glass (1)87888990091 12mm MDF Jaali Cut & Duco Painted for Bed Back91092 6mm Textured Cement Sheet Jaali92093 6mm Backlit Textured Cement Sheet Jaali9394095 4mm Veneer Jaali95096 8mm MDF Dense Design Jaali in Partition96097 12mm  MDF Jaali Engraved & Cut for Partition97098 12mm Agro Wood Jaali as a partition98099 12mm Corian Jaali as Partition & in Reception Counter Face99100101 Double Layered Cement Sheet Eaves (Paani-Patti)101102 Double Layered Cement Sheet Eaves (Paani-Patti)102103 8mm Textured Cement Sheet Arches103104 12 mm Cement Sheet Jaalis for Center Facade104105 8mm Textured Cement Sheet Cutouts on Terrace Area105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132133134135136137138139140141142143144145146147148149150151152

Decorative Installation

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